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SHDSL to slow?  Bond in one or more ADSL connections for outstanding speed and stability.
Supercharge your SHDSL connection by bonding in one or more ADSL connections.
A Fusion Broadband customer in Sydney recently did just this, running on a single 6x6Mbps SHDSL connection providing a sustainable 5.7Mbps of throughput in both directions. They Bonded in an ADSL2+ Annex M connection giving 16Mbps down link and 1.3Mbps up link.

What they created was a business broadband connection with lower latency and a download speed of just under 20Mbps and an uplink of 6.5Mbps, with multi carrier redundancy.

See the graphs below on the results.


SHDSL speed tests results:


This is the the speed and RTT (ping time) of the SHDSL connection in a down link direction.


This is the the speed and RTT (ping time) of the SHDSL connection in a up link direction.


Note the speed and RTT of both directions,  very even in speed – 5.7Mbps and a RTT time around 60ms.


ADSL2+ speed test results.


ADSL2+ in the down link direction, excellent speed and a slightly lower level of latency (RTT) at 48ms.




ADSL2+ in the up link direction, with Annex M enabled they are seeing over 1.3Mbps in throughput but a much longer latency with the connection fully loaded.






Bonded speed test results:


Bonded down link speed showing an impressive 19Mbps, with a very low latency (RTT) time of under 12ms with very little movement 4.5ms.



Bonded up link speed showing a very smooth 6.4Mbps again with a very low latency (RTT) of under 13ms and a small amount of movement of 5.5ms.




By Bonding an SHDSL connection with an ADSL2+ connection from different carriers, you get the benefit of both technologies (up link speed in SHDSL and down link speed in ADSL) resulting in much more throughput in both directions, lower and more stable latency, multi carrier redundancy all providing you more statified users and better application performance.

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