Fusion Broadband Partner Programmes

If you are an IT service provider, Managed Services Provider or ISP, Fusion Broadband offer you a range of wholesale bonding solutions.

If you would like to offer Bonding as part of your product portfolio, we have a number of options for you ranging from a simple reseller commission based programme to white label bonding solutions through to a fully integrated bonding solutions within your own network.

See where you fit in the Partner Programme table below and read on to learn more about what each of our programme options best suits your needs.

If you are interested to learn more, complete the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and Fusion Broadband will be in touch to discuss your needs.



The Reseller Partner is Fusion Broabdband’s standard partner service.

We do most of the work for you with this programme – all you need do is find the customers and on-sell the Fusion Bonding services.

In return for this service we offer an ongoing trailing commission on every invoice generated for your client (some Fusion services offer a once-off payment in lieu of a trailing commission).

Whilst we offer full support to your client, you will also have access to a Boding Administration Portal that allows you to see your client’s bond in order to diagnose any Level 1 support requests by your customer.

A Reseller Partner Programme document is available to learn more about the Level 1 Reseller Partner. Click here to register as a Level 1 Reseller and download a copy of the PDF for more information.


Reseller White Label

The Reseller White Label partner service is for businesses who would like to supply a Fusion Broadband bonding service to their clientèle as their own service. The customer and billing relationship belongs with you. You can select if you would like your customers to have a view into the Fusion Bonding portal or not.

Fusion Broadband supply everything you need to set up your own bonding solution to resell to your customers with your main roles being billing, end user support and an optional customer portal.


MSP/VISP Reseller

As a larger Managed Service Provider or a Virtual ISP that owns their own IP address range, the MSP/VISP Reseller programme is ideal for those businesses wanting to take more control over the Fusion bonding solution.

Billing and the end user customer relationship is managed by you. Each bonded customer will be assigned a public IP address from your own IP address allocation. We advertise your IP address (minimum /24) from our bonding aggregation network.


MSP Partner

If you have your own data network and routing then the MSP Partner option is the best way to offer bonding to your client base. Level 4 partners are much like Level 3 Partners except the data aggregation occurs inside your network. Fusion will guide you through what is needed to get up and running.

Fusion will supply and configure your bonders for each specific customer. Like level 3, we will take care of managing the bonded sites for you.This is ideal for larger providers that want or need to keep their customers data within their network. Typically, all is needed is a routed network with sufficient capacity, IP addresses and at least two physical or virtual servers to run as aggregation nodes.


ISP Partner

If you are a larger ISP and would like to offer bonding to your clients and want to maintain full control over bonding, this is the option for you. We will supply you with Bonders ready to be configured and any sales and support training. We will also guide you through setting up your Bond Management Systems as well as aggregation nodes. You have the freedom to do the rest

** With each of our partner levels there are minimum connection commitments and in some cases additional set-up fees apply.**.


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