Fusion Bonded Hybrid is a bonding service that combines a single low cost ADSL service with the uplink speed of a 4G (or 3G) device.

We deliberately skew the data on the 4G data flow to not allow downlink through it thereby creating a service that has ADSL downlink speeds combined with 4G uplink speeds! A semi-synchronous service for a very reasonable cost.

We include:

  • a 12 month contract term
  • a 250GB data allowance
  • Compression
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • TCP Acceleration

Pricing for the Bonded Hybrid service is available in the Shopping Cart.

Bonded Hybrid is a great way to improve your uplink speed. You supply the main broadband service and the 4G USB dongle and we’ll do the rest!

If you are looking for a scalable bonding solution that allows you to expand to more than three lines, please visit our Fusion Bonded Premium page. Or if you’d like to bond two or three lines, try our  other bonding services.

We don’t supply the broadband services (nor the 4G device). Not all 4G USB dongles are compatible with Bonded Hybrid. Please click here to see a list of known compatible 4G USB dongles. A 4G router via Ethernet is acceptable.

The Fusion Bonded Hybrid information sheet provides a summary of this Broadband Aggregation service.

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