Below you will find a series of downloadable documents that details what Fusion Broadband offers along with other information that you may find useful when determining why Fusion Broadband is a good solution for your business.

What is Bonding?

In many cases,employees will have a faster connection at home than they will have in the office due to a single ADSL service being shared between a large number of users.

Fusion Bonded Premium Service Guide

Is Fusion Bonded Premium the best Fusion Broadband solution for your business? The Fusion Bonded Premium Service and Price guide outlines the service in great detail along with the available options, pricing and how to order.

Fusion MiniBonder Service Guide

Is the Fusion MiniBonder the best Fusion Broadband solution for your business – It can bond up to three lines. The MiniBonder Service and Price guide outlines the service in great detail along with the available options, pricing and how to order.

Fusion Bonded Hybrid Service Guide and 4G Dongles

Fusion Bonded Hybrid is the ultimate business broadband connection where we blend an ADSL connection with a wireless connection to create a synchronous service without the cost that comes with provisioning and running an SHDSL (Ethernet) service.

Fusion Broadband Introduction - Who is Fusion?

Learn more about Fusion Broadband here.

Bonding - Effects on Speed and Latency

Learn more about how broadband bonding effects speed and latency. You will be surprised how little effect it has (and in some cases can be beneficial).

Bonding - Schools and Education Brief

Find out how broadband bonding can assist your school by improving bandwidth for your students and administration staff.

Fusion Broadband Technical Brief

Information about how Fusion Broadband bonding integrates with your network can be found here. This information is more of a technical nature and should be read by IT service providers and staff looking too implement our bonding solution into their business.

Case Studies

Head to the Case Studies page to see real examples of how our customers benefitted from Fusion Broadband.

Voice + Data Article (Case Study - 50 Kaliber Films)

This case study was written by Voice + Data magazine and features a business in Collingwood (Vic) whose broadband connection was poor and Fusion to assist in improving their speed.

Fusion Installation Guide

A simple guide to install Fusion Bonded Premium or the Fusion nanoBonder.

Getting Started Guides

These Getting Started Guides give you a simple diagrammatic explanation as to how to connect your bonder as well as some information about Support and the Bonding Admin Portal.

Please choose the file that best suits your Bonder and your printer. The A3 files have been designed to print double sided on A3 paper.

Fusion Mail Filter

Download the Spam Experts Domain Level Admin Guide here.

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