Tale of Two NBNs

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A Tale of Two NBNs!

We have a client who bonds two Fibre to the Property (FTTP) NBN services.  They are from two different large ISPs.

  • Both FTTP services operate out of the same Point of Interconnect (POI).
  • Both FTTP services operate over the same piece of fibre.
  • Both FTTP services connect using the same NTD.

One is congested! One is not. They are very different!

One is getting a stable 91Mbps. The other is getting about 20Mbps!

If both were performing well, we would expect the client to achieve about 180Mbps downlink and 73Mbps uplink using non-compressible data.

With compression ON, we can achieve up to four (4) times those speeds (dependant on data type and compression ratio).

Not all NBN Services are the same!

If you’d like to know which ISP they use and discuss how bonding can assist you in situations like this, please call us on 1300 553 526.

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