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Over the past month, a business that was running an alternative Bonding solution required more speed than they were currently getting.


The ‘alternative’ bonded solution they were using is a bonding system based on ATM Bonding. The limitations on this is you are restricted to only two lines, there is no QoS, no TCP Acceleration, no Compression and no Seamless Failover; all of which Fusion Broadband support and provide.


But most importantly for this customer was they needed to bond more than two connections for greater speeds on both their downlink and uplink traffic.


The site is quite a distance from the exchange which further limited their speeds.


Their two current services recorded speeds as shown in the table and charts below .





From the charts you can see their ATM Bonded connection (bonding two ADSL lines) gives them a bonded speed of 7.66 Mbps downlink and 1.44 Mbps uplink.


The single ADSL service performed at 3.41 Mbps downlink and 0.77 Mbps uplink.



The following table and charts show the results of what Fusion Broadband can do to massively improve performance.



With their two services Bonded (1x ATM Bond + 1xADSL single line) Fusion Broadband is able to provide the following (average) speeds:



There is a huge difference between the speeds with Compression activated. All Fusion Broadband Premium solutions come with the ability for you to turn on Data Compression (among other things). The speeds shown here are the actual download/upload speeds using a highly compressible file (this is ONE file and ONE TCP flow). The result is very impressive!


Different files and different data types are compressible by different amounts so the result can vary, however, what we have here is the two extremes of what the connection can support; a non-compressible file (JPEG Image file) and a text based file – highly compressible.


Below are graphs showing the actual speeds and the loaded latency. Also note the loaded latency of the bond versus the loaded latency of the individual connections (1xBonded connection and 1 single ADSL connection).








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