Carrier Redundancy is Vital!

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The Importance of Carrier Redundancy

On Wednesday December 3 2014, a major ISP had a lengthy outage in Western Australia.

The outage cause a significant amount of heartache for all those businesses who didn’t have a carrier redundancy strategy in place. No Internet for almost 3 hours make doing businesses very difficult – especially for those businesses who utilise a VoIP phone service – no calls in…no calls out! That would have to directly relate to a loss of custom one would expect!

For the Fusion Broadband customers who have multiple services bonded from at least two ISPs it wasn’t an issue. They didn’t feel the effect other than a slight loss of broadband speed. They were able to maintain their Internet connection because of Fusion Broadband’s unattended seamless failover/failback. Whilst the ISP was down, their second/other broadband services kept their connection alive – with no effort from the customer required!

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