Online ‘How To’ Videos

Answers on ‘how to’ perform certain tasks can be found on our Online Videos page.

Check it out here:

DNS Resolvers

Fusion Recommends you use Google’s public DNS resolvers:



Modem Bridge Mode Configuration Files

Fusion Broadband prefers Modems to be operating in Full Bridge Mode. If you factory rest your modem, please use the following instructions and Configuration files to reset your modem into Bridge Mode.

TP-Link 8817

To reset the TP Link TD 8817 into Full Bride Mode, simply hold down the ‘Reset’ button (using a paper-clip or pen). The Reset button is located between the Ethernet and DSL ports on the rear of the device.


Support Tickets

To submit a support ticket, please make sure that your email address is registered with Fusion Broadband.

If you are registered with us, to submit a ticket please follow this link.

Service Status Pages

Because Fusion Broadband utilises the ADSL providers, we have included a number of Service Status pages for the most common providers.

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