Fusion NBN Failover

In the event your NBN fails, the 4G USB will seamlessly kick in and allow you to retain your connectivity (and essential part of business today!).

Fusion NBN Failover will retain your Fusion Static IP address. No need to make any changes to your router at all – it is unattended, seamless failover!

Configurable options include:

  • Download Data Allowance (we include 250GB) – uploads aren’t measured
  • Additional IP address (we supply one free)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Link Authentication
  • TCP Acceleration
  • Compression

We don’t supply the broadband services (nor the 4G device). Not all 4G USB dongles are compatible with Fusion NBN Failover.

Please click here to see a list of known compatible 4G USB dongles. A 4G router via Ethernet is acceptable an often more reliable than a USB device.

Learn more about the Fusion Failover service here.

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